Karla Lamb uses collage in an attempt to sever the female subject from objectification and decontextualize it as its own autonomous, empowered figure. Most of the nude images are sourced from vintage magazines marketed specifically towards men, juxtaposed with images from contemporary fashion magazines geared towards women. These two sources provide the backdrop of cultural parallels and contradictions where Lamb's abstracted female forms still exist on a mass medium, but in a way that suggests they have self-awareness and agency. Here, Lamb uses both pop culture and spiritual allusions in order to form a new kind of post-modern self-creation myth. These collages ask the viewer to question how their own identity is affected by the over-sexualized portrayal of women, and reflect on the relationship between mass media, gender roles, and self-empowerment.

pandora’s mirror


the dream woke up from her


women’s work

all or nothing


piet parra

bathroom scenes

bathroom scenes




la sirena



most prized possessions

cocaina tres

the process

weird dream journal

the process

birth canal

scene 1

scene 2

scene 3

scene 3

bathroom scenes

bathroom scenes (Vivienne Westwood)

he shot me down

cocaina dos

in progress

don’t come here

bedroom scene

the philosopher

it really doesn’t matter